What is a Mobile Escape Room?
Operation: Escape Mobile is a fully custom portable unit, built specifically to bring the fun to you!  A Mobile Escape Room is a team-building, brain-busting, themed unit where a team of people use items to solve puzzles and escape within the allotted time. The entire game takes place inside a climate controlled environment.

Who is the Operation: Escape Mobile for?
Operation: Escape Mobile is for everyone and we enjoy working with all sorts of organizations – businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, fairs, summer camps – truly the options are endless! If you want to host an exciting and unforgettable experience event give us a call and we will work out the details!



Am I really locked in the Room?
Operation: Escape Mobile does not lock you in a room. We have other scenarios that you must accomplish for you and your team to win.

What is my Mission?
Your mission is to stop the runaway New York Subway car. To save yourself and the other passengers, you have 25 minutes to solve a serious of puzzles to stop the car from crashing. Can you get off before it’s too late?

What will happen once I am in the trailer?
Once you are in the mobile unit, you will solve clues, puzzles, obstacles and challenges. There are opportunities for every person to contribute to the team’s success. Everything you need to solve the adventure is provided within the unit walls.

How long does the whole process take?
The maximum time for the adventure is 25 minutes with 5 minutes in advance for game rules of conduct and objectives.

Is the trailer safe and comfortable? 
Operation: Escape Mobile’s is a 24-foot custom designed trailer with your safety and comfort in mind. It is fully enclosed from the elements and heat or air conditioning is provided within its insulated walls. The trailer can hold up to 9,959 lbs. and is designed with 2 axles, one jack on its tongue, and 2 stabilizer jacks on the front corners. The trailer includes fire extinguishers, first aid kit, and pull out steps for easy access.

May I bring food or alcohol into the mobile?
Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in Operation: Escape Mobile.  If you are visible under the influence, we reserve the right to deny you access.

Is Operation: Escape Mobile handicap accessible?
Unfortunately, due to the configuration of the trailer, we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs. Please also be aware that there are steps leading into and out of the trailer.

What ages are recommended for Escape Mobile?
Operation: Escape Mobile is perfect for anyone 14 or older. Groups with players younger than 16 will need an adult with them at all times. Players younger than 18 need an adult to sign their waiver to participate.

 How many people can participate at a time?
The mobile can accept up to 6 players at one time.



How much space do I need to have for Operation: Escape Mobile to be at my event?  We need a location that can have a 50-foot truck and trailer park and pull out.  When you contact us, we can help you determine if your location is large enough.

How much does it cost to have Operation: Escape Mobile at my event? 
The cost of having Operation: Escape Mobile at your event can vary based on travel distance and how long you would like us to stay. Contact us for pricing and additional information.

What do I need to provide when Operation: Escape Mobile comes to my event? 
We don’t require anything the day of the event.  However, if we have access to a 110 outlet, that is helpful.

Can the mobile unit run in inclement weather?
Operation: Escape Mobile is a fully enclosed trailer and can run during minor weather patterns.  However, during bad weather, such as a heavy rain, lighting storm or a blizzard, we cannot run the unit due to safety.

Do I obtain a parking permit/approved parking for Operation: Escape Mobile? When booking a corporate event, make sure to check with your building management where the trailer can be parked.  For private events, the host should contact their local municipality to see if a permit is required.  Any charges for the permits will be the responsibility of the party host.

How far in advance do you recommend we book our event?
We recommend booking your event at least 2 weeks out, but we will do our best to accommodate last minute bookings if we are available.

What is your payment plan for Escape Mobile private events?
We require a $300 non-refundable deposit to secure your event date. Full Payment is due one week before your event.

Do we have to book an event to experience Operation: Escape Mobile?
You can also find us at regional events. To find out where we plan to be, visit our Facebook page for up to date information!


Please call if you have question or would like to discuss.

To Learn more about Escape Rooms in general, visit Operation: Escape Room’s FAQ Page.